Ðe Bronie Chriſter

  • I live in Eaſt Ridge, Hamilton County Tenneſſee, FRV, Norþ Mearcland, Norðern Worldhalf, Weſtern Worldhalf, Earþ, Milky Way Starſet, Wholeälle
  • I was born on September 23
  • I am Male

uſe Þorn (Þ or þ) and Eð(Ð or ð) to ſtand for ðe "th" twiwrit moſt of ðe time, uſing Eð to ſtand for ðe [ð] wordmanner and Þorn to ſtand for ðe [θ] wordmanner. I alſo put "-el" inſtead of ðe "-le" ending, ſpell "all" as "alle" and "help" as "helpe", call ðe USA (United States of America) ðe FRV (Forænde Rics of Vinland)and ðe Americas ðe Mearclandas, uſe Ȝoȝ to ſtand for ðe huſchde "gh" and (conſonantal) "Y", uſe Æsh in ðe twoþ o's loȝ(place/ſtead, from ðe OE word lóh, meaning ðe ſame þing) in ðe words "forone(whilſt alſo leaving the lastward "e" aut), and where they were in Old Ænglish, uſe runebinds whenæver hapſome, edſtowe ðe "ed" ending wiþ þe older "de" ending, uſe ðe long S (ſ), and put breakmarks (diæreſes) over clippels to ſhow ðæt þey're not a dæl of the forecoming quidemote.

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