About meEdit

I don't hate Romish tongues or nowadays' English. I don't think Normans wrecked the English tongue, although I must acknowledge that it would be somewhat better if it had kept being, at least mostly, a dutch tongue.

Please forgive any note (use) of non-dutch words, rest wis (sure) that it was not willful, and do righten it, as I many times do with others' mistakes.

I am working on filling the land leaf by making as many leaves about lands as I can. Help if you can and want!

Things I dislike about this wiki:

-The word "tung". "Tongue" is a theedish word, there is no need to note an unknown Old-English word when there is a good enough one from nowadays English.

-Overnote (overuse) of words which make the leaf sound offlandish. Of course (by the way, we need to find a good word for "of course", because course is a romanish word, and I can't find a good one), sometimes we can't miss (avoid) it, but at least give some thought to making the leaves be readworth.

-Things like noting "GreatSunnyLand" instead of "Africa". For goodness' sake... pull yourselves together!

-Folks who put into Anglish lorish (scientific) words. For show, someone put Misbegotten eft-king as a wending of Tyranosaurus Rex. If Anglish is to grow, it must allow speaking about lores, and to speak about lores we must follow their rules; one of their rules is that lorish names of living things are in Romish.

-Lack of folks. How can such a good wiki be some empty? :-(

Words I'm not against:

-Words from Norse root (such as "skull", "egg"). Although these aren't, narrowly speaking, Anglo-Saxon, they are Dutch.

-Words of French root but lastly of Dutch root (such as "war", "feud", "delay"). Same as above.

Of course, Anglo-Saxon words should be chosen above these. But when there is nothing else, I wont mind noting words in these footings.

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