I am Oswax Scolere, the beginner of The Anglish Moot. I hope that it grows to become a healthy and gleeful fellowship of likeminded folk.

At now, I am writing a wordbook of Anglish wholly in Anglish (but for wordshortenings), that I hope will become a good staddle on which the build. If anybody wants to see what I have done so far, and maybe even give a few thoughts on how to go forward, ask on my talk leaf and I will wire you it.


Wordbook test[edit | edit source]

saddlebath n a small bath for cleaning the groin, which is straddled to use; bidet
[from saddle, due to its supposed similarity + BATH]

Blog[edit | edit source]

Hey there all, long time no see. I'm sorry I have been away. I have begun to blog here: http://rootsenglish.wordpress.com/, which is about a work like Anglish (though othersome) and hopefully answers any askings as to what I've been up to through all these years. Oswax 00:00, March 6, 2012 (UTC)

Reddit[edit | edit source]

I'm also now at Reddit /r/Anglish, posting as PretentiousApe.

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