Hello, everyone, my name is Shalin Pather; I'm a South African boroughman (I guess), and both "a" sounds are the same as the "a" in "car!" I've been on the wiki longer than the date says, as in I started at the beginning of this year, just that I actually only logged in and started contributing when the date says so. Call me radical if you want, but I truly believe in reforms and conservationism, especially Anglish. I'm many things, from a Polyglot, to a programmer, and am fluent in many tongues, both human ones (mainly Germanish, Russish and French) and programming ones, mainly C++ and Assembly. Music, especially the drums along with "cycling" is life to me! I think French is great by the way, but I find purism important, in all tongues, including French. The Anglish Moot is without a doubt, the best online community ever.

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