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Hello there. I'm a 20-something year old guy from Brampton, Ontario (just north of Toronto). I found this site while reading up on english purity and loan words and stuff. I was wacky happy when i did, cause I'd been thinking of english purity for a while,and I would always write as germanically as mightly, and I would be really inventive and creative with the germanic side of english- damn it's annoying hearing english sounding like italian and french. I was like, fuck, why can't english be more english, if I want to speek french I'll speek french, and if I want to speek italian, I'll speek Italian, but damn it, when I speek english, I want to speek english. It's weird you know, I feel like I've been robbed of a language I can be proud of. But this anglish stuff, boy when I write in it, and speek in it (yes I actually do speek in it with my kid brother (get them while they're young) ), my speech feels so homely and true to the core of what english is. Ahh, the Normans, accursed be they. Anyway I'm on this site pretty often, i've made quite a few contributions. I have a backround in linguistics and language in general so that helps. I hope to keep on underholding and furthering this movement. Feel free to message me for whatever.

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