• Aaaar

    Dear Friends,

    English is not my mother tongue, yet maybe you will find my bungling as below somehow heedworthy. It is true that I did not learn of your being-at-the-stead until the last wordset :-).

    Good luck! Ought to be nice to hook up with you!

    A. Ehlers

    Ursprüngliche Nachricht: Answer to "Answer to 'HPL, given Planck & Heisenberg'". Freitag, den 29. 7. 2011, 15.36 Berliner Sommerzeit. A. Ehlers

    Kind Mr. […],

    Please forgive the long lag before I answer now to your couth words from two months ago. Hopefully, the named book is still with you? I took the Dollar swap worth (you wrote: 20,–) from (→ 14,– €) ... may this be right.

    Would you forbear being asked to drop a word or two from your hand anywhere in the book? You should make me highl…

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