Dear Friends,

English is not my mother tongue, yet maybe you will find my bungling as below somehow heedworthy. It is true that I did not learn of your being-at-the-stead until the last wordset :-).

Good luck! Ought to be nice to hook up with you!

A. Ehlers

Ursprüngliche Nachricht: Answer to "Answer to 'HPL, given Planck & Heisenberg'". Freitag, den 29. 7. 2011, 15.36 Berliner Sommerzeit. A. Ehlers

Kind Mr. […],

Please forgive the long lag before I answer now to your couth words from two months ago. Hopefully, the named book is still with you? I took the Dollar swap worth (you wrote: 20,–) from (→ 14,– €) ... may this be right.

Would you forbear being asked to drop a word or two from your hand anywhere in the book? You should make me highly glad indeed. —

As to your putting forward of a bringing-out of some of my insights into Lovecrafts ties (or not so much) with Planck, Heisenberg (and maybe Gödel?), I thank you deeply for your trust. Earnest enough, I ought to have many a thing to say in that behalf, not least for it strikes a string of hardships haunting still today's folk (hack) lore on man and his worldly setting. Yet I lack more hints at spots where Lovecraft goes into these reaches—belike mostly in his writs to friends, but I cannot know where. It is truly tight to beachcomb, for one and the foremost, your standard melds of Lovecraft's thought, since these, it seems, are seen as sundry and thus held scant, if at all, in this land's stacks. Therefore please let me put into words anew how beholden I should be when you might spare a trice to help and give me some weightiest leads. Books and bound writings I can have sent to me as far as I wangle spelling them by name.

And, please (now thrice), cut me a break this day for having undertaken speaking only in Anglish as best I could, short of one word ne'er to be quelled, “please – Mr.” ;-). 'Tis too much harder than in my tongue and shall not be found again; 'twas but for playfulness.

[Not until I had written this did I learn of that—behold the row, last but three, within the green field to the right!: [[]]]

Fain awaiting your answer again,


A. Ehlers

Am 27. 5. 11 um Schlag 23.04 hatte […] geschrieben:

Dear Mr. Ehlers--

[…] let you have the […] adaptation of Lovecraft […] PayPal.

The issue of HPL's understanding of Planck, Heisenberg, etc. is a highly significant question […]. If you wish to write on this subject (which no one else has written on), by all means do so. I […] would love to publish an article on this subject. […] your article could appear in […] 2012.

Yrs, […]

Date: […]
From: […]
To: […]
Subject: HPL, given Planck & Heisenberg

Dear Sir:
Please permit just a brief address from an unknown but desiderating your valued acquaintance.

Referring to your offer […], I should like to express interest in the […] adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft […].
Would you possibly not eschew the discomfort of receiving a Transatlantic remittance—postal or banking—and dispatching a parcel across the sea?
Then I ought to be greatly thankful to learn your bank or address/lockbox details, along with your prospective shipment outlay.

Today I read your formidable introductive sketch […].
Especially the ‘materialist’ (?) Lovecraft’s response to Planck and Heisenberg—i. e. my want to fathom this exhaustively—has been churning me now for months.
If you know of pertinent loci in the published (?) correspondence or elsewhere, in indicating those to me you should oblige me tremendously.

With much gratitude hurrying ahead yet (hopefully) not foreclosing your forbearing disposedness

I remain

Candidly yours

A. Ehlers

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