Alþough I realize þat my last few blog posts have been about þis, I feel I must make a clearer point. Anglish desperately needs standardization. Þe idea of reshaping English into someþing newer þan it is is one þat I wholeheartedly am on board wiþ. However, it seems þat whilst everyone on þis site is of þe same mind, not everyone can come togeþer on what changes go and which changes stay. Þerefore, I put forþ þat we, as contributors, hold a meeting of minds in þe forum to iron out how best to standardize Anglish. I'm sure þat togeþer we can make Anglish into someþing þat folks can sink þeir teeþ into.

It is my hope and my dream þat Anglish spreads beyond þis site and comes into more mean use. Once Anglish is standardized, þat process can begin in full.