Good Day,I think this website is hostile towards Latin, although English and Latin are both Indo-European, and are swith alike, (look here, and here,, I think it is better to make English more Indo-European, with declined adjectives, nouns and verbs, along with gender, productive ablauts and patriarchal-- byspel, the kjv Bible and in earlier English, tho (plural the) indefinate pronouns were these----> anyman, someman, noman and everyman, not anyone, someboby, etc., also, if a mans gender is unknown, he is said, not they, the English word for 'person/one' is man,-er is the masculine agentive suffix, while -ster is feminine, with en as plural, thus -steren also, bring back the subjunctive, like this---> (

so, do these with this (, and this ( - look at verb, adjective and noun declension, otherwise discard)  with words from old Englisce, and thou hast high quality english, what thinken ye , also, the word tattoo is borrowed into english, and is not an indo european concept, or gender neutrality is borrowed into english, and is not an indo european concept,the word zombie is borrowed into englisce, and is not an indo european concept, or heavy declension was lost from old english, and is not so much Indo-European (semetic tungen haven declension), yes, english with more old english words is also better, but latin ultimately has cinscip to englisce, which we moten not forget

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