One thing that I think is great to do, is to make new clean English words that have the same shortenings as the ones that they are taking the stead of. As a byspel, I have lately come up with a clean English word for the word "BIOS" - the new clean word that I have come up with, is "BIOS". Yous might be asking, "What switches between them? They both look the same to me." The answer to that, is what they are short for; the everyday, not clean one, is short for "Basic Input Output System" - whilst my new, clean English one, is short for "Bottom Input Output Setup". This way, the new word fits right into the hole left by the old one, thanks to it having both the same meaning ond spelling! That is pretty good that, i'n't it?

Tell me what you think of this thought in the answers bit below. Maybe even come up with some of your own ond put them there.

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