I would rad against steadsetting the word 'survive' with 'overlive', because 'overlive' already has the meaning of 'to live too much', just as the words 'oversleep', 'overdo', 'overeat', mean, eachownly (respectively), 'to sleep too much', 'to do too much', and 'to eat too much. We must be careful to not to sacrifice the clarity and richness of english for 'anglishness'. Using overlive to mean survive would fordo its other meaning (to live too much), or at least create a twomeaningness (ambiguity). As an insteader, may I suggest a seperable prefex verb 'to live out', e.g. few lived the disaster out/ few lived out the disaster', not to be confused with the inseperable prefix verb 'outlive' as in 'He outlived all his siblings' which means 'to live past or beyond.