I was adding some new words to the Anglish wordbook and English wordbook today, and I came across 2 words online. Moonspeak (a confusing foreign language, especially Japanese or another East Asian language" and Moonrunes "Any incomprehensible writing script. Usually refers to Chinese characters, Hiragana, Katakana or any other East Asian writing script".

Both of these words are slang, but each word gives a different sense of "(Moon) Language". One word is used specifically for the speech of a language, whereas the other word is used specifically for the writing of the language.

Since this distinction already exists in English already and because the distinction is made in slang, it is very likely that people are be able to understand the distinction between (-speak, -runes, and language). Runes, I think in this case, means the written text because written languages often look like a bunch of squiggly, straight, and/or curved lines. Although, I have seen the word "staff" and "staves" used a lot for letters, but I don't know what to call non-alphabetic scripts and symbols in Anglish. Examples include, Logographic script for Chinese characters and Japanese kanji; Syllabic script for Japanese hiragana and katakana; Adjad scipt for Arabic and Hebrew; and Abugida for Indic languages. (I will try to find the names of these scripts in Anglish anyways, but any help would be appreciated)

But anyways, I am going off track, the main question I have is: Do you think that the 3-way distinction between spoken, writen, and both spoken and written should be made in Anglish as well, like is already done with the already existing words (Moonspeak, Moonrunes, and Moonlanguage)? I certainly do, however, this is my first attempt at bringing a distinction of words to English, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this too and maybe how we can improve it or change it altogether.