There are many Old Anglish words that are clean words for clean awits but need many words in Anglonic to say it. One word is clean to bring forward: snīte → snyte (to blow one's nose or pick the nose.)

The one I'm having hardship with is hrǽcan (to empty one's throat.) There is the word hork but it does not lend to talking with (like emptying one's throat to warn, to let one know,.) Is hork the word brought over from hrǽcan?

Aftwrit: Did some hunting about for it and I found retch being the most mean follower of it. Well, there I go. I only need to find a way of putting in a talkingly falling. Maybe a belittling ending on the doer (is there any Anglish endings like that?) will do the trick.

Aftwrit two: Snit & retch together might be the best.