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Ebenholt, Millholt
Revetung Allmean Theech
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Inwonername Vaduzer
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6.7 miles²
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Vaduz (Theech: Vaduz, Allmenish: Vadoz) is the revetown of Lightenstone and also the seat of the folkshiply ledeward. The town, which is stowed along the Rine rith, had about 5,429 indwellers in 2015.

Although Vaduz is the bremest town worldwidely in the highearldom, it is not the biggest; neighbouring Shaan has a higher befolking.

Yore Edit

Vaduz is said to be cwided in shodly H12th handwrite as « Farduzes ». It is, however, meanly believed to have been settled umb 1322 by the Earls of Worthsberry. In 1322, a name of the burgh is given, which was sacked by the Switzers in 1499 in the Swabish War. The whole town was also fordone.

In the H17th, the Lightenstone kin was seeking a seat in the overlordship moot, the Rike's Day. However, since they did not hold any land that was straightly under the Overlordship Seat, they were undow to meet the foremost needed to thaving.

The kin yearned for the more wield a seat in the Overlordship lawmoot would bring, and therefore sought to earn lands that would be Reichsunmittelbar, or held without any lendship foremost other than the Holy Romish Highkiser himself having rights on the land. After some time, the kin was to stight the begetting of the tiny Herrschaft ("Lordship") of Shellsberry and earlship of Vaduz (in 1699 and 1712 aughtingly) from the Hohenems. Tiny Shellsberry and Vaduz swotelly owned the mootish flack needed: no lendship lord other than the Highkiser.

Thereby, on Afteryule 23, 1719, after buying had howingly been made, Carl VI, Holy Romish Highkiser, behested Vaduz and Shellsberry were foroned, and raised to the selfworth of Fürstentum (highearldom) with the name "Lightenstone" in ore of "[his] true besteander, Anton Florian of Lightenstone". It is on this dealmark that Lightenstone became a drighten fellow ethel of the Holy Romish Rike. As a will to the sheer mootish outgoings of the takes, the Highearls of Lightenstone did not set foot in their new high earldom for over 120 years.

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