The Vagoths were a Teutonish folk spoken of by Jordanes. He layed them in Scandza. Thoughts about their true selfteaming have teamed them with the Geats of Vikbolandet and with the Gotlanders.

By the Lithuanish speechlorechild Kazimieras Būga, the name of Teutonlanders, Teutonland in Lithuanish and Lettish tungs (“Teutonland”: Lith. Vokia, Vokietija, Lett. Vācija, “Teutonlander”: Lith. vokietis, Lett. vācietis ) comes from the name of Vagoths (*Vāk(ia)-goth). From Baltish tungs stem Finnish roots Vuoja, Vuojo and Estish Oju, Oja in their name for Gotland: Vuojola, Vuojonmaa, Vuojanmaa,Ojumaa, Ojamaa (“maa” - land).

The Valagoths were a folk spoken of by Nennius.

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