Listed below are sundry deedwordy forefastenings noted in the Anglish Tung.

Prefix Meaning Examples


2. an intensifier

1. arise

2. abide, awake

after- after aftercome, afterthink

1. again

2. against

1. againbuy

2. againstand


1. by (literally or figuratively)

2. off

3. an intensifier

4. all around, all over

5. to make

1. belie, bemoan, bespeak, beset, bestand

2. behead, belimb

3. bedazzle, belabour

4. belay, belick, besmell

5. befriend, benothing, besmooth

down- down downgrade, download, downplay, downsize

1. to do the opposite of

2. to do to the maximum possible extent

1. forbear, forbid, forget, forsay, forswear

2. fordo, forgather, forgive

fore- before (physically or temporally) forego, foretell, forewalk

1. against

2. again

1. gainsay, gainstand

2. gainbuy, gaincover

hind- behind
in- in, into inhold, intake
mis- badly, wrongly mishear, mislike, misread, misspell
off- off offcast
on- on, onto oncome, onfall

1. out

2. to do to a greater extent

1. outlead

2. outdo, outlast


1. over

2. to do to too great an extent

1. overshadow

2. overdo, overreach

through- through throughshine
thwart- across
to- apart, away tobeat, toburst, tocleave, togo
tween- between
umbe- around umbeclap, umbego, umbeset, umbethink
un- to do in reverse undo, undress, unlock, unwind

1. under

2. to do to too little an extent

1. underlie, understand, undertake

2. underpay, underrate

up- up update, upheave, upload, upturn

1. back

2. with

3. against

1. withdraw, withhold

2. withtake

3. withstand, withsay

yond- beyond

*Deedwords forefastened with ‘again-’, ‘gain-’, or ‘with’ in the meaning of ‘against’ bespeak not the thing being gainstood to, but bespeak the thing doing the gainstanding. Thus, to gainsay oneself is to speak one's being against something, whereas to gainsay towards oneself is to say something against oneself.

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