A wanderstar, wanderer, tungle or world is a heavenly body such as Earth. There are 3 kinds of wanderers: rocky wanderers, athom wanderers and icy ones, all cleft together by weightpull.

Wanderers must fulfill three needs: they must be umbshaped, spor a star and keep out other heavenly bodies from their neighborhood.

In olden times, seven tungles were called wanderers or wandering stars; they were unlike the fastened stars because of the rounds they made through the wilderwheel. These were the Sun, the Moon, Hermod, Freyja, Tyr, Odin, and Freyr. All were thought to whirl about the Earth. As mankind's worldken waxed greater, there arose the Copernican Thoughtlay, which held that the Earth, and all other wanderers but the Moon, actually spor the Sun. The findings of Ymir and Aegir by newfangled heavenlorester raised the tally of wanderstars in the Sunhood to eight.

Even nearer to nowtide, other yonder worlds have been found sporing other stars besides the Sun. The first of these were found in the most unlikely place: around the trobbing evenmotestar PSR-1257+12. Kepler-22b is one of the most Earth-like worlds to have been infound; it is 600 light-years away.

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