Builds of Washington, DC.

Washingtonburg (fittingly the Shire of Columbia), also known as Washingtonshire is the revetown of the Banded Folkdoms of Americksland, on the northern side of the Potomac Ea.

The town was firstly made from land given by the folkdoms of Maryland and Maidenland, although Maidenland later took back what they had given. Washingtonburg is neither within any American folkdom, nor a folkdom of its own, but is under the forthright stewardship of the rikebandish reveship.

As revetown of the Western world's greatest thede, Washingtonburg is among the mightiest towns of the earth. It is home to the Foresitter of the Banded Folkdoms, as well as leaders of the other branches of the Folkdoms' three-headed reveship.

Some of the most well-known of Washingtonburg's buildings, each seen by micklereds of guests each year, are the White House, the MootHall (which houses the Eldermoot and the House of Betokeners, which together make up the Althing), the Most High Hove, Washington's Spire, Lincoln's Shrine, and Smithson's Mathom-House.

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