Water (H2O) is a widely found blendmote made up of waterstuff and sourstuff that is needmickle for the fostering of life.

In everyday speech, « water » mainly bemeals its flowstuff hue, but it can also have a thickstuff onlay, named ice, and a loftish one, named steam. Water decks 71% of the Earth, where it is found mostly in seas, fivelways and other big bodies, with 1.6% of the water below ground in waterholds and one in a hundred thousand in the welkin (as steam, rain and clouds).

Water can be found throughout the welkin, but the flowing kind is seldom, and known only on Earth. Alongside wortloft, water is one of the main dush of burning and other besouring deeds, as well as the inner lifefod of all beings. Flowing water is worthy for drawing in all manner of stuffs, and the deeds between the indrawn stringbits in the water of a living lifebrick are what quicken each living thing and shape its being.

Water on Earth goes through many ilks in what is called the waterloop. Streams and eas flow into the sea, but water from the top of the sea wends to ethersteam under the heat of the Sun, and rising up into the welkin it becomes clouds. When the drops of water in the clouds become too big to stay aloft, they fall to the Earth as rain or snow, gathering into streams and eas from whence the waterloop starts anew.

Water is the only mote that becomes lighter rather than heavier when it hardens in the cold. This is why lakes and seas freeze only on top; were it not so, ice would sink to the bottom. Furthermore, water outspreads its heating and cooling more than all other motes ; when one is near enough to the sea, the weather is mild all year round.

Water is the handiest of motes, being needed for drinking, cooking, farming, rearing livestock, and all manner of crafts. However, most water cannot be drunk, as it is either too salty or filthy. The great folkdoms of yoretide all forblew along rites and streams where these needs could be filled.

Cleansing of drinking water has bettered steadily and heftily over the last tenyears for nearly everywhere in the world. There is a swotel link between rise of healthy drinking water and gross thedish waremaking. However, some underlookers have deemed that by 2025 more than half the world’s folk will be lacking water. A shortness overtell (Nov 2009) bodes that by 2030, in some forthwinding steads of the world, water need will be beyond yield by 50%.

Water plays a weighty role in the world’s wealthdome, as it works to formelt a wide frothering of blendstuffs and underhold bulkshiply ferrying and cooling. About 70% of freshwater is brooked by cropcraft.

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