Madrid (Spanish)
Ethel Spain
Fellowship Fellowship of Watermother
Revetung Spanish
Inwonername Watermotherer


- Illk
- Body
- Boroughreeve

Boroughreeve - Redeship
Watermother Redemoot
José Luis Martínez-Almeida
Founded 9th Yearhundred
Landswathe 604.3 fourside-thousandtals
Befolking 3,223,334

Watermother (SpanishMadrid) is the revetown and most befolkered stead of Spain. The borough has near 3.3 micklered indwellers and a mickleborougher landship befolking of near 6.5 micklered. It is the third-greatest stead in the Evelandish Band, outdone only by London and Berlin, and its onemid mickleborougher landship is the third-greatest in the Evelandish Band, lesser than only those of London and Paris. The mickleborough has a swath of 604.3 fourside-thousandtals. 

Watermother lies on the Appletree ea in the middle of both the land and the Fellowship of Watermother (which is made up of the stead of Watermother and its under-towns); this fellowship is bordered by the selfreding fellowships of Fasten and Lee and Fasten and the Mark. As the revetown of Spain, the seat of lawmoot, and dwelling of the Spanish king, Watermother is also the lawmootish, wealthloric, and folkloric middle of the land. The nowtide boroughreeve is José Luis Martínez-Almeida from the Folk's Mootband.

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