NGC Nebula-0

Like most things in the allsky, this heavencloud is made mainly of waterstuff.

Waterstuff, also known as Lightmote, is the first of the firststuffs, and smallest of the ormotes. Its token is (H). A mostness of the inweight of the allsky is waterstuff. The name comes from water, a minglestuff of waterstuff and sourstuff, wherein is found most of the waterstuff on Earth.

The meanest samestead of waterstuff is 1H, with but one firstbit and no evenmote. The second samestead, 2H, has one of each. Being twice as heavy, it behaves with enough otherness to have its own token, D. The third samestead, 3H or T, has two evenmotes and is light. The first samestuff, without the evenmote, is found six thousand times more than the second, and the third kind can only be made by men.

Waterstuff was wrought in the the big bang, and in the bellies of stars it melts together into sunstuff. This is what gives the Sun and stars their heat and light. Stars togethermelt the mean ilk of waterstuff, but men can only do so with the scarcer samesteads, with one or two evenmotes alongside the firstbit.

When unmingled with other firststuffs, waterstuff is found as a two-uncleft loft. This is so much lighter than the loftsea around it that waterstuff was once used as a lifting gas for airships. But waterstuff is firefeeding, and after the wreck of the airship Hindenburg in 1937 it was given up, with the idlewind sunstuff taking its stead.

Waterstuff cannot be found in the Earth's loftsea owing to the sourstuff, with which it will burn to make water. Rather, to get it, men must cleave the water bulkbits with a sparkflow and gather the waterstuff ere it rises into the high layers of the loftsea, where it will burn or be shed into the heavens for its lightness.

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