Wien (Theech)
Wean (Bairish)
Flag of Vien
Ethel Eastric
Revetung Allmean Hightheech
Other Tungs Bairish
Inwonername Weener
- Steadreeve
and Head
- Under Steadreeve

Michael Ludwig

Maria Vassilakou
Groundwork 15 BC
- Headstead
- Land

414.65 miles²
395.26 miles²
Befolking (stead)
- Headstead Burgh
- Row
(1 Afteryule 2017)
1st in Eastric (7th in EM)

Ween (English: Vienna; Theech: Wien; Bairish: Wean) is the headstead and biggest stead of Eastric and one of the nine landships of Eastric. Ween is Eastric's main stead, with a befolking of about 1.8 twisand (2.6 twisand within the mickleborough land, nearly one third of Eastric's befolking), and its couthfulwealthlore, and mootish kernel. It is the 7th-biggest stead by ledescore within stead bounds in the Evelandish Faying. Until the beginning of the 20th yearhundred, it was the biggest Theech-speaking stead in the world, and before the splitting of the Eastrickish-Ungarish Rich in World Wye 1, the stead had 2 twisand dwellers. Today, it has the twoth biggest mark of Theech speakers after Berlin. Ween is leech to many high worldwide fellowships, inholding the Foroned Stocks and OPEC. The stead is lied in the eastern bit of Eastric and is narrow to the borders of the ChecklandSlovakland, and Ungary. These fields work together in a Evelandish Centrope border field. Along with nearby Pressborough, Ween forms a mickleborough field with 3 twisand dwellers. In 2001, the borough midst was drafted a UNESCO World Birthright Stow. In Afterlithe 2017 it was swayed to the list of World Birthright in Threat.

Asside from being eyed as the Stead of Glee since its songly bequest, Ween is also said to be "The Stead of Dreams" since it was home to the world's first mind-forloosen – Sigmund Freud. The stead's roots lie in early Celtish and Romish settlements that forshaped into a Middle Eld and Barock stead, and then the headstead of the Eastrickish-Ungarish Rich. It is well known for having played an foremost deedwork as a leading Evelandish glee heart, from the great eld of Weener Highflakdom through the early bit of the 20th yearhundred. The shodly midst of Ween is rich in framework bands, including Barock burghs and yards, and the late-19th-yearhundred Ring road lined with great buildings, keepstakes and parrocks.

Ween is known for its high kind of life. In a 2005 swot of 127 world steads, the Household Moodcraft Onhood rowed the stead first (in a tie with Cowford's, Canada and Holy Franklin, FBA) for the world's most liveworthly stead. Between 2011 and 2015, Ween was rowed twoth, behind Melbourne, Andland. For eight back-to-back years (2009–2016), the earthborn-orshaft-bereding firm Mercer rowed Ween first in its yearly "Kind of Living" beshow of hundreds of steads around the world, a name the stead still held in 2016. Monocle's 2015 "Kind of Life Beshow" rowed Ween towth on a list of the top 25 stead in the world "to make a bestaddle within."

The FS-Habitat has branded Ween as being the most theely stead in the world in 2012/2013. The stead was rowed 1st worldly for its folklore of newmaking in 2007 and 2008, and sixth worldly (out of 256 steads) in the 2014 Newmaking Steads List, which unriddled 162 bespeakers in holstering three areas: folklore, belowbuilding, and cheapstows. Ween steadly leeches townish layout meeting and is often brooked as a hull swot by townish forethinkers.

Between 2005 and 2010, Ween was the world's mark-one forestop for worldwide moots and meetings. It draws over 6.8 twisand fandlers a year.

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