Weightcraft is one of the four crafts that be, the others being the weak kernel craft, the strong kernel craft, and the yellowstone-lodestone craft. Oft is it thought of as the weakest of the four crafts, being weaker than the yellowstone-lodestone craft by roughly 1042 times when working between two bernstonebits. However, unlike the yellowstone-lodestone craft, the weightcraft does not work between motes of both backward and forward ladings. It has only one kind of lading. It follows that if there are enough unclefts in a thing, the weightcraft will become indeed mighty, while the yellowstone-lodestone craft will, with the bothness of its ladings, keep itself weak. The wanderbodies, such as Earth and Venus, are great enough, with enough unclefts, for the weightcraft to be the main craft working between them. Most folk know of the weightcraft mainly by its making everyday things things fall down toward the earth. Isaac Newton found that weightcraft between any two bodies goes as one weight times the other, over how far they are between times itself. If there is enough weight in a small enough bit of room, a black hole happens, so-called from the weightcraft being mighty enough to hold even light in. This means that nothing can ever come out of a black hole, as it would have to go faster than light.

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