Western Folkdom has its roots in western Eveland and the western Wendlesea. It is linked to the Romish Rich and Christendom which emerged from the Middle Eld, undergoing weighty shifts such as the Agenbirth (English: Renaissance), the Gainsayish Overhaul, the Worksome Overthrow (English: Industrial Revolution)the Craftly Overthrow (English: Scientific Revolution), and the ripening of freehearted Folkship (English: Liberal Democracy). The folkdoms of olden Greekland, olden Rome and olden Israel are thought of as weighty timespans in western yore; a few kithshiply givings also came from the heathen folk of fore-Christly Eveland, such as the Celts and the Theech. Christendom and Romish Broad-Churchdom have done much to shape Western Folkdom, which throughout most of its yore has been nearly samewise with Christly kithship. Western Folkdom has spread to shape the main kithships of the New World, not least the Foroned Ricks of Markland and Sealand



Following the H5th Fall of Rome, Western Eveland saw the start of the Middle Eld, under which timespan the Broad-Church took the bridle of Eveland after the fall of the Western Romish Rich, while the Eastern Romish Rich lasted in the east for hundreds of years. By the H12th, Western Eveland was undergoing a blossoming of listcraft and learning, thrusted forward by the building of headchurches and the setting up of Middle Eldish loresteads. Christly oneness was shattered by the Gainsayish Overhaul from the H14th. Eveland saw the Agenbirth from the H14th to the H17th, beginning an eld of toolcrafty and listcrafty breakthroughs, setting forth the Eld of Unearthing, which saw the rise of such wordly Evelandish richdoms as those of Spain, Portugal and Great Briten.

The Worksome Overthrow began in Briten in the H18th. Under the sway of the Belightening (English: Enlightenment), the Eld of Overthrowing came out of the Foroned Ricks of Markland and Frankric as a share of the shapeshifting of the West into its toolcrafty, folkshiply newfangled shape. The lands of North and South Nightland, South Highsun, Andland and New Zealand became first a bit of the Evelandish richdoms, and then home to new Western folk, while Highsunland and Sunriseland were much shared up between Western rics.

In the H20th, Full Kingship was forsaken in Eveland, and notwithstanding timespans of Farright Rikedom and Folkwield, by the end of the yearhundred, nearly all of Eveland was choosing its leaders folkshiply. Most western folk were heavily wrapped up in World Wye One, World Wye Two and the long-lasting Cold Wye. World Wye Two saw Farright Rikedom beaten in Eveland, and the outcoming of the Foroned Ricks of Markland and the Band of Soviet Fellowship Ledewealths as foeing rikes, and a new 'East-West' mootish split. Other than in Russland, the Evelandish richdoms fell asunder after World Wye Two, and folkright-drives and worldwide cluster-stockish, cluster-liefish outwanderings to Eveland, the Nightlands, and Sealand saw a lowering in the share of in-born Evelanders in Western kithship. Evelandish folk edged towards greater geldish and mootish getherwork through the Evelandish Moot.

The Cold Wye ended around 1990 with the breaking up of Soviet Folkwield in Middle and Eastern Eveland. In the H21th, the Western World withholds great worldwide geldish might and swaying. The West has done much for a great many toolcrafty, mootish, wisdomeloveish (philosophical), listcrafty and worshipful marks of worldwide kithship: having been a mast of Romish Broad-Churchdom, Gainsaying, folkship, toolcraftiness; the first main folkdom to seek to do away with Thralldom during the H19th, the first to bolden women, and the first to bridle such toolcrafts as steamcraft , sparkwork and kernelcraft. The West founded filmfarseeing, reckoncraft and the World Wide Web; shaped craftsfolk such as Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Mozart and The Beatles; ripened gamelakes such as football, cricket, golf, tennis, rugby and cawlball; and is said to have sent mankind to the Moon  with the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

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