The Anglish Moot
Äldre Västgötalagen

A leaf of the Äldre Västgötalagen law from the late 1200s

The Westgeatish law or Västgötalagen is the oldest Swedish wording written in the Latin writing and the oldest of the Swedish great shire laws. The wording was written sometime bewhile the early 1200s and was the folklaw brooked in Westgeatland throughout the latter half of the 1200s. The oldest whole wording is put to around 1281. Smaller bits of an older wording are thought to be from around 1250.

The law writ is in two kinds, the Äldre Västgötalagen and the Yngre Västgötalagen (Older and Younger Westgeatish law, in the same batch). The first eftoutbringing in newer times was by Hans Samuel Collin and Carl Johan Schylter in 1827. The first furthsetting by Gösta Holm was brought out in 1976.

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