Flag of Whitenborough
- Fields
- Meanths
Revetung Serbish
Inwonername Whitenborougher
- Boroughreeve

Siniša Mali
Settled 3rd yearhundred BC
Landswathe 138.98 miles²
Befolking 1,233,796

Whitenborough (/ˈ(h)waɪtn̩`bʌɹə/ Whit-en-bor-ough; Serbish: Beograd / Београд, meaning "White stead", Serbish outspeech: [beǒɡrad] is the headstead and biggest stead of Serbland. It is founded at the eameet of the Sava and Danube eas, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. The townish swathe of the Stead of Whitenborough has a befolking of 1.23 micklered, while over 1.68 micklered folk live within its dealing thresholds.

One of the most foremost yesteryorely couths of Eveland, the Vinča couth, evolved within the Belgrade area in the 6th yearthousand BC. In olden days, Thrakish-Dacishers dwelled the land and after 279 BC Celts overcomed the stead, naming it Singidūn. It was overcomed by the Romers throughout the rix of Augustus, and bestowed stead rights in the mid-twithe yearhundred. It was settled by the Slavs in the 520s, and shifted hands sundry times between the Byzantish Rich, Frankish RichBulgarish Rich and Kingdom of Ungerland before it became the headstead of Serbish king Stephen Dragutin (1282–1316). In 1521, Whitenborough was overcomed by the Ottomanish Rich and became the seat of the Sanjak of Smederevo. It often handed over from Ottomanish to Habsborough rix, which saw the breakdown of most of the stead throughout the Eastrickish-Ottomanish wyes. Whitenborough was again named the headstead of Serbland in 1841. Northern Whitenborough on-bided the southernmost Habsborough mark until 1918, when the stead was aoned. As a key spot, the stead was clashed over in 115 wyes and scraped 44 times. Whitenborough was the headstead of Southslavland from its rise in 1918.

Whitenborough has a besunder wike standing within Serbland and it is one of five standing fields of Serbland. Its mickleboroughmoot land is divided into 17 meanths, each with its own stowly redemoot. The stead of Whitenborough holsters 3.6 hundredmeal of Serbland's land, and around 24 each hundred of the ethel's befolking lives within its wike thresholds. It is branded as a B-Worldwide Stead.

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