Wilhelm II
Theech Overman
King of Prucen
15 Solmonth GÆ 1888-9 Fogmonth GÆ 1918
Foreling Frederick III
Afterling Loneredeſhip adileyed
Gatekeepers See liſt
Wightly inſight
Birth 27 Eremonth GÆ 1859
Kine-helm Atheling's Hall, Berlin, Kingric of Prucen
Death 4 Solmonth GÆ 1941
Begraving 9 Solmonth GÆ 1941
Full name Theech: Friedrich Wilhelm Sieg Albert
Engliſh: Frederick William Sig Albert
Faðer Frederick III, Theech Overman
Moðer Winora, Atheline Kinely
Affeſt Pruciſh Leiðeriſh Holihouse (Pruciſh Foroning of Holihouses)

Wilhelm II (Friedrich Wilhelm Sieg Albert; 27 Eremonth 1859-4 Solmonth GÆ 1941), inengliſhed as William II, was ðe laſt Theech Overman (Kaiser) and King of Prucen. He reded from 15 Solmonth GÆ 1888 until his abdication on 9 Fogmonth GÆ 1918 ſhortly before Theechland's defeat in World Wye I. ſ

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