For the Roufrithsoned sundering, see Ƿilliam ðe Overwinner (William the Conquerer).

William the Overwinner
Birth abt. 1028
Death 9 Harvestmonth 1087
Wife Maude of Flanders

- (King of England) 25 Yulemonth 1066 - 9 Harvestmonth 1087

- (Earl of Northland)

3 Haymonth 1035 - 9 Harvestmonth 1087

Erverike Erverike of Northmenland
Forecomer Edgar the Etheling (unwreathed);

Harold Godwinson (wreathed)

Northland: Robert, Earl of Northmenland

Afterfollower William II of England

Northland:Robert Curthose

William I the Overwinner (Mean English: William the Conqueror, Englenorthish: Le duk de Normendye, William le Conquérour or William le Bastard, Middle Latin: Willelm[us] Dux, French: Guillaume-le-Conquérant, Greater Anglish: Wilhelm of Northmenland), also known as William the Mond or barely William of Northmenland, was a Northlandish Earl from 1035 to 1087 and the first Northlandish king of England from 1066 to 1087.

As an afterling of Gaange Rolf, William was the Earl of Northmenland from 1035 onwards. Following a long struggle to settle his giftseat, William had no undertakers to his standing as Earl by the year 1060 and took off the Northman Ingang of England—sithence the Hild at Hastings—in 1066. The rest of his life was marked by struggles to fasten his hold over England and his mainland holdings, as well as tending to his upstandly son, Robert Curthose.

William was the son of the unwed Robert, Earl of Northland and Herleva, said to be the daughter of a tanner. His ill-gotten standing, as well as his youth, made toil after he aftercame his father, as did the lawlessness that broke out in the first year of his rede.

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