Grey Wolf
Evelander Wolf
Kingdom Deer (Animalia)


Wirebacks (Chordata)
Ilk Suckledeer (Mammalia)
Shift Reavedeer (Carnivora)
Kin Hounds (Canidae)
Kind Wolfhounds (Canis)
Erd Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)
Evelander Wolf (Canis lupus lupus)

The wolf (doe: wilven, wolvin, wolfin, or she-wolf), also called the grey wolf or the timber wolf, is a hound of the wolfhound kind. It is an overliver of the Ice Eld, coming from the Late Ice Eld about 300 thousand years ago. It is the stourest wild Hound left. UKS gatherbinding and kinthlore swots further begeam that the grey wolf is the forebearer of the house dog. Many undererds of grey wolf are known, though the narrowkiry rime is still mooted.

Anglish Witship Name
Frostmire Wolf C. l. albus
† Kenai Halfeiland Wolf C. l. alces
Arabish Wolf C. l. arabs
Ice Wolf C. l. arctos
Mexickish Wolf C. l. baileyi
† Newfoundland Wolf C. l. beothucus
† Banks Eiland Wolf C. l. bernardi
Grasslands Wolf C. l. campestris
Mongolish Wolf C. l. chanco
British Columbland Wolf C. l. columbianus
Vancouver Eiland Wolf C. l. crassodon
† Sicilish Wolf C. l. cristaldii
Andland Wilddog C. l. dingo
House Dog C. l. familiaris
Tibetish Wolf C. l. filchneri
† Bloomland Black Wolf C. l. floridanus
† Waterfall Barrows Wolf C. l. fuscus
† Mississippi Dale Wolf C. l. gregoryi
† Manitoba Wolf C. l. griseoalbus
† Hokkaido Wolf C. l. hattai
† Dawnlander Wolf C. l. hodophilax
Hudson Bay Wolf C. l. hudsonicus
Northern Rocky Barrows Wolf C. l. irremotus
Workerland Wolf C. l. labradorius
Alexander Eitune Wolf C. l. ligoni
Evelander Wolf C. l. lupus
Eastern Wolf C. l. lycaon
Mackenzie Ea Wolf C. l. mackenzii
Baffin Eiland Wolf C. l. manningi
† Mogollon Barrows Wolf C. l. mogollonensis
† Friendlander Wolf C. l. monstrabilis
† Great Flats Wolf C. l. nubilus
Northwestern Wolf C. l. occidentalis
Greenland Wolf C. l. orion
Indish Wolf C. l. pallipes
Alaskish Inner Wolf C. l. pambasileus
Red Wolf C. l. rufus
Alaskish Frostmire Wolf C. l. tundrarum
† Southern Rocky Barrows Wolf C. l. youngi
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