In speechlore, a wordbit is the smallest deal that bears a meaning. Wordbits are the tone or tones, sideput, that bear meaning.

Anglish byspell: The word "unbelieving" has three wordbits: "un-", (naysaying) a bound wordbit, "-believe-" a free wordbit, and "-ing", an other bound wordbit. "un-" is a forefast, and "-ing" an afterfast; both are onfasts.

Wordbit Kinds[edit | edit source]

  • Free wordbits like town and dog can be stuck to other words (as in townhall or doghouse) or they can stand allone ("free").
  • Wordbitlings are wordbit ranks, f.e. the manifold (plural) marker in English is sometimes said as /-z/, /-s/ or /-ɪz/.
  • Bound wordbits like "un-" only happen together with other wordbits to shape a full word. Bound wordbits most tend to be forefasts and afterfasts.
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