World warming, also called world searing, is the worldwide rising of the mean heat flack of the Earth's land and sea. While some speeriands have huyed the searing has been brought on by the Earth's own forwandlings, many now believe world-warming to have been wrought on by mankind. One of the ways to hild world warming is to switch from coal and firefod to greener farms for tools and bulkbuild — whereby the Sun and wind may, if well brooked, indow searful needs in a less harmful and more Earth-friendly manner.

While the swith outcomes of world warming can yet be foretold, hanging on the ways it will be fought in the upcoming years, it is believed that some bugbears can no longer be handled. The wending of Southern Eveland's mild, spanning loftlay to a dryland is an outcome feared by many.

Al Gore is one of the most ongot lievers of World-Warming.

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