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Newton's Dunspar

Newton's Dunspar shows a key finding of Worldken: The Law of Weightpull, which drives shrifthing both in heaven and on earth.

Worldken (in Englishphysics) is the offshoot of lore dealing with the workings of motes and that which is made of them, all the way up to worlds. It spans heavenlore, blendlore, and earthlore; lifelore is less often thought of as a share of worldken. Worldken seeks to understand the outer world by means of telcraft, and worldken and telcraft together are the means by which newfangled toolcraft is brought about.

In the Elder Days, mankind had little knowledge of worldken, wrongly believing things fell to earth quicker when they were heavier and that the Earth was the navel of the allsky. Much work was lost trying to make an endless-shrifting-drivework. In the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth hundredyears, great worldkenners like Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and Hooke set these things aright when they unriddled the laws of shrifting, showing that they were the same both in Heaven and on Earth.

In newfangled times, worldken yet drives onward. Building upon the work of Maxwell, Einstein, Bohr, Bose, Fermi, Feynman, and others, newfangled worldkenners seek to find out the inner workings of unclefts, the tale behind darkstuff, and the behaviour of things going almost the speed of light.