The Anglish Moot

A worldwide fellowship is an outstanding gathering of overseers and holymen from all of Christendom. There have been seven worldwide fellowships the first yearthousand of the Christendom, and these seven fellowships are trusted by the Romish Broad-Church, the Eastern Mainstream Church, and some Forewitness churches.

List of worldwide fellowships[]

There were seven fellowships before the East-West Split between Eastern churches and Romish churches, and these seven crossroads ("synods") forthset the unity and bond between churches in the first yearthousand. They are:

  1. The Fellowship of Nicea
  2. The First Fellowship of Constantineburgh
  3. The Fellowship of Ephesus
  4. The Fellowship of Chalcedon
  5. The Twoth Fellowship of Constantineburgh
  6. The Third Fellowship of Constantineburgh
  7. The Twoth Fellowship of Nicea

Every fellowship was summoned by a kaser of the Romish Rich to correct godlore mistakes and defeat dwild. The Declared Belief of Nicea was formed during the first fellowship to correct the dwild of Arius, who wrongly declared that Jesus Christ was begotten after all worlds were made, and not truly God.