1. From Paul, who is a bondsman for the sake of Christ Jesus, and our brother Timothy. To Philemon our beloved fellow worker,
  2. Apphia, our sister, Archippus, our fellow wyeman, and the church that meets in your house.
  3. Milts upon you and frith from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. Philemon, I thank my God every time I cwethe you in my bids
  5. hearing of your love and trustiness, which you have both for the Lord Jesus and for all holymen.
  6. I bid that your fellowship in the lief might become frimful in the knowledge of every boon among us in Christ.
  7. Your love, my brother, gives us such eadiness and frovering, for it fains the hearts of your fellow brethren.
  8. Therefore, though I have enough couth in Christ to bebid you to do the right thing,
  9. I would rather call upon you through love. I, Paul— an old man, and now also a bondsman for Christ Jesus—
  10. call upon you for my child Onesimus. I became his father in the lief in my time in lockup.
  11. He was brookless to you before, but now he is brookful to both of us.
  12. I’m sending him back to you, which is like sending you my own heart.
  13. whom i wilned to keep with me, that he could theen me on your behalf for the Good News in my shackles.
  14. However, I was willing to do nothing without your thwaring, that your goodness would not be as of tharf but out of free will.
  15. Maybe this is the orsake that Onesimus was besundered from you for a while, so that you could have him back forever—
  16. no longer as a thrall but more than a thrall—that is, as a beloved brother. He is moreso a beloved brother to me. How much more can he become a brother to you, selfly and ghostly in the Lord!
  17. So, if you truly think of me as a mate, welcome Onesimus as if you were welcoming me.
  18. If he has harmed you in any way or owes you penny, tally it on my ledger.
  19. I, Paul, will pay it back to you (I’m writing this with my own hand). Of course, I won’t speak that you owe me your life.
  20. Yes, brother, I want this kindness from you in the Lord! Edfresh my heart in Christ.
  21. I’m writing to you, and dow your thewfastness and knowing that you will do even beyond what i say.
  22. Also, one more thing—reen a guest room for me. I hope that I will be aleased from lock-up to be with you through your bids.
  23. Epaphras, who is in lock-up with me for the sake of Christ Jesus, greets you,
  24. as well as my fellow-workers Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, and Luke.
  25. May the milts of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your ghost.
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