Ymir's or or Ymirstuff is a lundly lightrottish ore that, once foreworked and wellowed, can be wielded to beget for many work tools or as a blasting tool. One of the most deemed ores in the world, the brooking of Ymir's or has greatly forblown since it was infound in 1789.

Firstly brooked in the making of steel mastlings, Ymir's or bettered the strength and springness of steel without making it brittle. It was not until 1939, bewhile the restless tides of World Wye Two, that Americkish, British, and Northlandish folk learned how to craft this mildly threatening sear into the deadliest killer that yore has ever seen. Since then, however, it has seldom been brooked for anything besides uncleftish work.

This heavy, white or's greatest gift to mankind lies in the forework of kernelish splitting. Lightrottish striking of Ymir's ormotes can cast out naught motes, which wayfare at speeds up to 12,000 spans every nutlog. If such a naughtmote strikes the kernel of a neighbouring ormote, the kernel can burst. Not only is the outcome great, but the burst uncleft will alsi likely strike other ormotes. This is the awesome hedging underlying all kernelish splitting bearings, inholding kernel weapons and work.

When brooked for work, Ymir's or is seen as "clean", since it does not spread a big deal of loft befouling from coal or black gold. On the other hand, brooked kernel firefod is highly attersome and scathes everything uùb it for hundreds of years, making it a big worry.

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