The Anglish Moot
Anglo-Saxon Influence This article is written in a dialect of Anglish that is heavily swayed by Old English. Some words may not be understood.

Yorry II
Ework II by Ewmer Witson
King of Great Britten and Ireland
Kirfengle of Hunoover
Rixing 11/22 Searmonþ 1727 – 25 Winterfulþ 1760
Kinhelming 11/22 Winterfulþ 1727
Foreganger Yorry I
Afterganger Yorry III
(sonson þrough his son Friþrich)
Bird 30 Winterfulþ / 9 Blootmonþ 1683
Lordhouse Elderbottle, or Line Elderbottle, Hunoover
Deaþ 25 Winterfulþ 1760
Kensington Hall, Lundon, England
Berriel 11 Blootmonþ 1760
Westminster Atting, Lundon
Match Churlie of Onsbeach
(w. 1705; quole 1737)
Offspring Friþrich, Fengle of Wales
Ann, Aþelingen of Orsick
Aþelingen Amelia
Aþelingen Churlie
Stillborn son
Aþeling Yorry Wilhelm
Aþeling Wilhelm, Hartow of Cumberland
Aþelingen Marry of Great Britten
Aþelingen Louise of Great Britten
Greater Anglish: Yorry Agust [Hunoover]
High Þeech: Georg August [von Hannover]
Neðer Þeech: Jürn August [von Hannover]
Skitch Gaelish: Deòrsa Augustus na Hanòbhair
Irish Gaelish: Seoirse Ágastas na Hanòbhair
Welsh: Siôr Augustus o Hanover
Cornwelsh: Jory Augustus Hanover
House Hunoover
Faðer Yorry I of Great Britten
Moðer Sofie Dorothea of Hall
Lief Loller

Yorry II (Yorry Agust; Þeech: Georg August; 30 Winterfulþ / 9 Blootmonþ 1683 – 25 Winterfulþ 1760) was King of Great Britten and Ireland, Hartow of Brownswich-Linborough (Hunoover) and a kirfengle of ðe Holy Roomanish Rich from 11 Searmonþ 1727 (O.K.) oþ his deaþ in 1760.

Born and brought up in Norþern Þeechland, Yorry is ðe latest British king born outside Great Britten. Ðe Deed of Settling 1701 and ðe Deeds of Oning 1707 put his faðerly eldmoðer Sofie of Hunoover, and her Loller afterbears to erve ðe British highseld.

Early life[]

Yorry was born in þe borough of Hunoover in Þeechland, followed by his suster, Sofie Dorothea, þree years later.


Fengle of Wales[]

Flit wiþ ðe king[]

Wieldcrafty wiþsaw[]


Yorry I quole on 11/22 Searmonþ 1727 when he was neesing Hunoover, and Yorry II followed after him as king and kirfengle at ðe eld of 43.

Kinly hitches[]

Wye and uprising[]

Beþinking aftergang[]


Yorry yave ðe kingly bookhouse to ðe British Leasern in 1757, four years after ðes leaserns staddling.